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News for Participants

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Questionnaires were sent to all NLC participants on 1st February 2010.  If you are a participant and have not received your questionnaire please contact us so we can make sure that you receive a replacement as soon as possible.  We have been very pleased with the feedback so far, but would like to remind you if you have not already done so to fill and return the questionnaire as soon as possible.  If you are having trouble filling in the questionnaire please call Dr Edith Gray on 02 6125 4609 or Sue Trevenar on 02 6125 1549.


We had scheduled interviews to begin in August 2009, unfortunately we have had to revise the survey for this round and we will now be contacting you in February 2010. Please contact us if you have moved so we can update your mailing address.

Participants will be receiving a newsletter from the research team in April/May 2009, giving information about some project findings, as well as some brief information about the next round of interviews.

In October 2008 the Australian Research Council granted funding for the 5th round of interviews for the Negotiating the Life Course Project.

In September 2008 a conference was hosted at The Australian National University celebrating a decade of data collection for the project.  A Decade of the Life Course was attended by many Australian researchers and university students, as well as a number of representatives from both federal and local government departments and agencies.  Three prominent international researchers presented their work in different areas of the life course (globalisation, family and work), each of these special presentations was followed by leading Australian researchers presenting their findings of Australians’ life course journey based on the Negotiating the Life Course data.